Technology Workshop - this workshop is part of Thursday's conference programme.  


Optional Friday workshops take place at the University of Canterbury on Friday July 7th following the conference. Currently these are planned to be at no additional cost to delegates attending the conference. You can sign up for these during registration.

Sperm Whale, Kaikoura

Sperm Whale, Kaikoura

Marine Mammals & Mātauranga
Friday July 7th @ 9.00am-5.00pm

Itinerary v 21 June (pdf)

Goals of this workshop will include:

  • Improving integration of traditional knowledge, citizen science, conservation science, and academic research on marine mammals in NZ
  • Bringing together ‘holders of knowledge’ (traditional, academic, non-academic)
  • Agreeing on specific protocols/best practice e.g., data collection, sightings, stranding response
  • Facilitating new collaborations
  • Working on set of specific outcomes of the workshop

Catering will be provided.

Image sourced from pixabay

Image sourced from pixabay

Science Communication Workshop
Friday July 7th @ 

Targeted at all marine science professionals as your science communication skills are critical in today's world. The workshop will cover three core areas: visual, writing and social media and its focus will be on communicating science to the community.

Facilitators will include Victoria Metcalf, Matt Walters and Simon Pollard!

Have you been told you need to have a public profile, or heard of Twitter but don’t know what to do with it, or signed up but not entirely sure how to optimise Twitter time? Get up to speed with networking via social media in this hands-on fun workshop. We’ll cover why and how to enter social media gracefully. We’ll also delve into different ways to use Twitter and other tools to use the effectively manage your social presence. (Victoria Metcalf)

Deciding to communicate (Matt Walters)

Using his experience as a science communicator in media, writing, lecturing and documentary advising, Simon suggests ways to explain science to make people realise it is an important part of the things they are interested in and care about. (Simon Pollard)

An email will go out to workshop attendees prior to your arrival to determine your experience so that the workshop can be targeted appropriately (attendees will be split into groups to accommodate experience range).

Morning tea will be supported by SETAC and the Chemistry Department at University of Canterbury.